Vivica A. Fox carries Chanel (and her shoes) in NYC

April 15th, 2012 Categories: Chanel

How do people walk around all day in towering six-inch platforms, you ask? Easy: they don’t, or at least the women who are at all concerned about their longterm health don’t. Need I remind everyone how painful a broken ankle is? Because I’ve broken one, and it’s terrible. The worst. From these photos, it would appear that Vivica A. Fox knows of which I speak and doesn’t plan on wearing her sky-high Giuseppe Zanotti Peep Toe Pumps any longer than absolutely necessary.

In half of these photos, Fox is heading from her car into a building wearing the vertiginous stilettos. In the other half, Fox is carrying her pumps, along with her giant Chanel Classic Flap Bag in timeless black, out to her car with a pair of very stylish high tops on her feet. Honestly? I like the sneakers better with the outfit; the look feels more current and effortless than hobbling around in giant stilettos. Stick with your sneaks, lady!

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